Board Certified Force Investigator™


To recognize professional investigators who have demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge and investigative skill in force related matters.

The Board Certified Force Investigator™ (BCFI) credential is the premier designation for professional investigators conducting force related investigations.

Not all professional investigators hold board certifications. Those who do, have volunteered to have their competence, character, and experience reviewed and evaluated.

The professional investigators who possess the designation of Board Certified Force Investigator™ have demonstrated an exceptional level of knowledge, skill, and proficiency in conducting force related investigations.

They have also committed themselves to maintaining the highest ethical standards and satisfying continuing education requirements.


***The Board Certified Force Investigator™ and BCFI™ are trademarks of the Professional Investigations Training Council, LLC. Any use of these designations without the organization’s written approval is strictly prohibited. For a list of Board Certified Force Investigators™ in the United States, or for more information regarding the BCFI™ Program, please contact Dennis Root, National Director of the Force Concepts Training Council, at 423-460-1816 or via email at***