During this episode of Force Concepts, we will discuss the dummy round. We will consider what they are and how they can be incorporated into your firearms training programs. Every shooter should be using inert rounds in the course of their firearms training. Most, if not all, firearms instructors include these training cartridges in the programs they present.

They are relatively inexpensive training aids that will assist you with developing safe firearm handling skills. For example, dummy rounds can be used by the new shooter to enhance their ability to safely load and unload their weapons. On the other hand, these rounds can be used by the more advanced shooters to practice malfunction drills and forced weapon transitions.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Their use has absolutely nothing to do with a person’s intelligence. Instead, they are inert cartridges that enable the shooter to work with their firearm in a safe manner. They also enable the shooter to induce malfunctions in a safe way. Dummy Rounds are available in a variety of caliber sizes. That is to say, you can use them in your tactical rifle, shotgun and handgun. 


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