I am excited to announce the development of Firearms 101. This is a new series of articles, podcasts and videos addressing firearm safety and skills development. My goal is to help new gun owners learn the basics from the ground up. Each of the releases will build on the one prior. Readers, listeners, and viewers will be able to develop a safe and reliable foundation for their firearm skills development. They will also be able to share this content with their family and friends.

When discussing this firearms concept with friends, one asked why I bother creating the content in three different formats. He said, “That seems like a lot of extra work.” I understand why he feels that way; perhaps he is correct from a business perspective. 

However, over the past 30-plus years, I have learned that people consume information differently, especially adult learners. Some people like to read, while others like to listen to podcasts or watch videos. 

I believe that presenting firearms information in all three formats will provide everyone with the best option for them. My primary goal is to share what I have learned so others may build from it and improve upon it.

I encourage everyone to share their thoughts and perspectives about the content I provide. You may have firearms experience that will help others better understand the topics discussed. Perhaps what you read, see, and hear about firearms generates a question you want answered. If you have that question, imagine how many others may also.

I also encourage you to send me any questions or topics you would like me to discuss. My desire if for you to get as much as possible from the time you invest in my content. I genuinely believe the only bad question is the one never asked. 

Train hard and Stay Safe!

Active Shooter

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