Host a Training Program

The Force Concepts Training Council (FCTC) is dedicated to delivering training that is truly second to none. To accomplish this mission, we are always looking for organizations and partners to host the delivery of our training programs.

By becoming an approved FCTC Partner or Host Organization, you will be entering into a professional relationship with an organization that believes in setting the standards for others to strive for.  Please take a moment to explore the benefits of hosting our training programs in your town, or at your facility.

Benefits of Becoming a Partner or Host Organization

Reduced Travel Expenses

By hosting our training programs in your town or at your facility, you can save money normally spent on travel expences. Costs such as hotel, air-fare, and per diem will not be incurred.

Reduced Training Costs

All of our Partners and Host Organizations receive seats in the hosted training program at no cost to the organization. You or your organization will receive one free seat for every Five PAID tuitions in the course.  For example, if tuition is received for 12 participants in the course, you or your organization will receive two seats in the course at no cost.

NOTE: The host organization’s positions are contingent upon the minimum number of participants being met for the course to be held.

Hosting Options

Public Training Option

With this hosting option, you or your organization will provide the facilities for the selected training program and the course enrollment is open for appropriate personnel from other organizations.

Private Training Option

With this hosting option, the training program is closed to outside registrations and the Host Organization pays the total costs for facilitating the training program. However, with this training option the Host Organization may have the course tailored to meet their specifically identified training needs.

General Course Hosting Requirements

Minimum Number of Participants

12 paid tuitions

Maximum Number of Participants

30 paid tuitions

The maximum number of participants that we can accommodate in each of our training programs depends on the program being presented and the Host Organization’s facilities. On average it ranges between 20 to 30 participants


Facility requirements are dependant upon the training program being hosted. Your Partner/Host Organization Packet will contain the specific facility requirements for the training program you have selected to host.


For our training programs to be successful, others have to know about them. The Force Concepts Training Council will create the training program marketing materials and supply them to the Host Organization’s designated point of contact. We will post the training on our events calendar as well as many other informational sites. We will also handle all registration and accounting paperwork for the hosted training program. 

Host Organization’s Marketing Responsibilities

  • Send notification to other organizations in your area via fax, email, flyers, and other resources.
  • Post program information throughout your organization, on your website and at your local training academies (if applicable), and any other location deemed appropriate.

If you are interested in hosting one of our training programs in your town or at your organization, simply contact us by phone or submit your information via our Contact Us form by clicking here. If you choose to submit your information via the contact us form, please be sure to include all of the information requested and identify which of our training programs you are interested in hosting.

Once we receive your request to become a Partner or Host Organization, we will send you a Partner/Host Organization Packet containing everything you will need to host one of our training programs.

NOTE: Submission of the Partner/Host Organization Packet DOES NOT guarantee your organization will be selected to host our training programs. Partner and Host Organization selection is taken very seriously and is at the sole discretion of the Force Concepts Training Council.

The Force Concepts Training Council reserves the right to cancel the hosted training program at any time.