Welcome to the first episode of the Force Concepts with Dennis Root Podcast. I know your time is valuable and I want to thank you for sharing it with me.

The world can be a violent place. To combat such violence, you must understand the threats you face and what you can do in response. The Force Concepts podcast is a show dedicated to providing you with force related information. My goal is to help you unlock and develop your inner warrior through education and training.

What is the Force Concepts Podcast?

Force Concepts is honest, uncensored conversations about the use of force by law enforcement and for self-defense. We will talk about real-world situations involving the use of force. I will cover everything from open hand control techniques to shootings, non-lethal options to firearm manipulations, and everything in between.

Episodes may contain graphic descriptions or language some listeners may find disturbing or offensive. Topics may not be suitable for all audiences, so listener discretion is advised.

Together we are going to explore the winning mindset, physical techniques for various types of threats, weapons considerations, and the law. I want to help you increase your understanding of the mental and physical preparation required to face an aggressor.

We will discuss the use of force for self-defense in both non-deadly and deadly force encounters. We will also talk about the laws that govern your actions and empower you to protect yourself and others. The Force Concepts Podcast is designed to serve everyone. You just have to be interested in improving your understanding of the mental and physical aspects of force. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned operator, I am confident you will find value in the material we discuss.

Show Topics

  • What the Force Concepts Podcast is
  • Why I created the Podcast
  • Who I am & what qualifies me to discuss show topics
  • Future episode formats
  • Guests expected to appear on the Podcast
  • How to submit your questions and or topics for future episodes


This Podcast is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. I am not a lawyer, and I cannot provide legal advice. I am sure I am going to have lawyers on the show from time to time. The opinions expressed during this show are those of the show’s guests and hosts alone.

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