Force Investigations | 04/18-19/19


Force Concepts Training Countil | 114 South Church Street, Mountain City, TN 37683

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Force Investigations is the most comprehensive course of its kind and was developed to take the investigator’s skillset to the next level. Participants will be exposed to the essential elements that need to be considered and investigated following every use of force event. Real-life encounters involving force are examined to help the professional investigator differentiate between acts of self-defense and unlawful attack.

Force events do not take place in a vacuum and go well beyond the general understanding of the average person. They are high stress and rapidly evolving situations that most people are not prepared for. Therefore, the elements that must be considered and investigated require a specially trained investigator. Someone who understands the variables that lead to these life-changing decisions and the evidence those decisions leave behind.

The Force Investigations training program is a very interactive course. Participants will apply the information gained from this training to evaluate real-world force investigations and identify case strengths and weaknesses.


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