The shooting of Rayshard Brooks is a situation that demands we look past the media coverage. The loss of life is tragic, especially when it is at the hands of another human being. Mr. Brooks death is no different. I recognize the significance of the fact a man is dead. However, we must have the courage to seek the truth about what happened. We have to ensure we consider everything we can prior to making any decisions, or forming any opinions. To accomplish this, we must allow the investigation to be completed. We cannot rush to judgement and turn this into something it very well may not be. By that I mean a race issue.

I have been following the development of the Rayshard Brooks investigation. I can tell you that I was seriously troubled by the press conference I saw Fulton County (GA) District Attorney Paul Howard provide. During his press conference, Mr. Howard presented and discussed the facts that enabled him to charge the officers in the shooting death of Mr. Brooks. The eleven charges filed against Officer Garrett Rolfe included felony murder and aggravated assault, with a deadly weapon.

During this episode, I am going to thoroughly discuss the information provided by Mr. Howard. I will address how he overlooks Rayshard Brooks’ violent actions and cherry picks the information he will use to support his charging of Officer Rolfe and Officer Brosnan. Mr. Howard makes one reference to the officer’s fear, but it is clear he, nor anyone on his team, understands how to investigate fear. 

Once I finish reviewing the information provided by Mr. Howard, I will discuss the questions we should be asking and the information we should be considering before we form our final opinions. We must consider the facts and not base our opinions on pure emotion.

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