The will to kill is a concept few want to discuss, but it’s as important and your ability to recognize a threat. The act of self-defense requires a person to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for combat. However, there is a significant difference between training and real-world applications. The warrior must hone his or her skills to a razor’s edge and take their minds and bodies to places few are willing to go. Not only do you have to train for the actions you must take, but you must be willing to take them. Winning a combat event demands this of you and so much more. Do you have the will to kill?

During today’s episode, I discuss the mental preparation required for winning a life or death encounter. Hesitation at the moment of truth can be the difference between living and dying. That is why it is essential for you to consider not only what you will do, but what the effect your actions will have on the other person when you do them. You must accept this before the event ever takes place. ARE YOU WILLING?