During this episode, we will discuss trigger finger discipline. I am sure you’ve heard the horror stories about the person being shot while cleaning their handgun. Perhaps you heard the story about the individual whose gun went off at the gun show? What do all of these stories have in common? Someone placed their finger on the trigger and subsequently depressed it all the way to the rear. Handguns do not shoot themselves. That is why trigger finger discipline is a critical element of firearm safety. Where should that finger be? What should you do to train yourself to perform that way?

Believe it or not, your trigger finger discipline tells people a lot about your weapon familiarization and safety. Quality range instructors will verify this discipline amongst their participants before allowing them onto the firing range. If someone cannot maintain this discipline with an unloaded weapon in a controlled environment, they should not be permitted on the live-fire range.

WARNING: NO LIVE AMMUNITION! Do NOT attempt to manipulate your firearm during this episode without first ensuring the weapon is not loaded. You should also verify there is no live ammunition in the room with you while handling your handgun.

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