Welcome to the official website for the Force Concepts Training Council, also known as the FCTC. My name is Dennis Root, and I am the Founder and National Director of the FCTC. I am proud to present you with this training resource that is created to be second to none. God blessed me with tremendous success as a professional investigator and trainer, and I want the same for YOU!

The FCTC was created to serve you, whether you’re just starting your career as an investigator or a seasoned detective. My primary goal is to provide you with information that will take your skills and abilities to the next level. I promise I won’t pull any punches. I will share the good and the bad of a rewarding career focused on the use of force and investigations.

Allow me to share what I have learned during almost thirty years as a professional investigator and nationally recognized expert in the use of force. I combine decades of law enforcement experience with the lessons learned as I built my professional investigations agency. We will discuss the good and the bad. I will hold nothing back, so you can learn from my successes and the obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

My Blog and Podcast will also feature the experiences of other successful investigators and subject matter experts. Together we will share information developed to enhance your understanding of force & strengthen your investigative skills. Our ultimate goal is to decrease your learning curve and increase your opportunity to build the rewarding career of your dreams. 

I know first-hand the challenges various force investigations present. Many people say the wise man learns from his mistakes. I believe the professional also to learns from the mistakes of others. 

Remember my motto, “When you are through learning you are through.” No matter where you are on your journey, the Force Concepts Training Council is here for you!